Chris & Renee’s Night of Pub Crawl Fun

After a couple of long library sessions and Friday tutorials my first official week of class has now been completed. The workload is fairly constant – about six hours of studying a day – and there is still a mountain of reading to be done, but once I’ve dug myself into a slightly better routine then I think it will become more manageable.

The weekend started with the purchase of tickets to an event called Lekker Tanzen, which I have been told translates roughly from German to “Good Dancing”. Whether this was the actual name of the event or the club itself is still a bit of a mystery to me but I think we can all agree that the brains behind the operation was probably off ill the day they decided to come up with that title. I don’t see Jelly Baby being renamed “Pleasant Frolicking Thursdays” anytime soon. The event ran from 10pm until 6am and arriving around midnight we were faced with a massive queue that stretched right outside the entranceway and into the blistering cold snowstorm that was developing outside, not a great start!

Because Maastricht is so small, instead of getting lifts in and out of town; people just cycle to a club, park their bike, get wrecked and then pedal home plastered every night. What a good idea! I am therefore going to bring this initiative back to Scotland and try and get some bike racks installed outside Kushion, would save me an absolute fortune on taxis. I’m not going to bore you with any more details about this more than average night but here are some amusing things I noticed during the short 2 hours I spent inside the overcrowded and dull building:

  • People walk around the dance-floor smoking and every second you could hear the yelp of someone being burnt by a stray cigarette pointed in the wrong direction.
  • The members of staff also walk around the dance-floor, carrying platters of oranges, cheese and grapes for the clubbers to sample. Just the energy boost you need when trying to shuffle.
  • There was an unlimited supply of free glow sticks and bubble bottles, which I found if poured on the ground made a great slippery surface to moonwalk on.
  • The bouncer was 2.50m tall – that’s 7’2”!!!!!!!!
  • There was a stall selling chocolate chip cookies
  • The cloakroom price was only 1 euro per item and it took me blissfully back to the days where I didn’t have to fork out £1.50 every time I stepped inside a Glaswegian club.
  • The cloakroom assistant either suffered from mild amnesia or was just a plain retard but when she couldn’t find my jacket I talked myself into the cloakroom in order to rummage around peoples bags until I found it. Being an Honest Abe of course I didn’t take anything though.

Our sprits could not be dampened however, and I will take you back to Friday afternoon to explain why:

Sitting there sober and bored, Renee and I decided that we would attempt to arrange and organize a pub crawl for Saturday night. Ambitiously we created a lame facebook event and invited all the people we had met in our short time here – leaving it an open invite. Not expecting much, people then started inviting all of their friends and we had about 110 people who now knew about this inaugural and prestigious event taking place in just over a day’s time. We got a little too excited; momentarily forgetting that just because people were invited, didn’t guarantee anyone would actually show up. Full of energy and enthusiasm we headed out hoping that come the morning at least one person would have clicked “attend”.

Pubcrawl is a Go!

Pubcrawl is a Go!

Still with no idea if anyone would show up we started a solid pre-drinking session at 7 on the dot, without realising we had actually purchased non-alcoholic beer, slight fail there! Not wanting to be late to our own party we arrived at Highlander at 8pm sharp, the first of what we hoped would be many stops. A slight disappointment arose when we were greeted solely by a bunch of German’s watching Bundesliga Soccer, not the start we wished for. Oh well onwards and upwards, here’s how last night’s proceedings unravelled.

8:05: Order first beer

8:10: Look patiently out of the window

8:15: Look patiently out of the window

8:20: Look patiently out of the window

8:25: Jaicy arrives

8:30: The 3 Finns arrive

8:45: The French arrive – this may actually be a moderate success after all.

The next stop was an Irish bar called Shamrock, which we were hoping to get to just in time for the 9pm kick off of the Ireland vs. France game. Quite a well-planned timetable if I don’t say so myself! Arriving on time there are even more people of whom were invited, with a Canadian girl visiting from Belgium and also celebrating her 22nd Birthday. The game unfortunately as you probably know was cancelled though due to the bad weather – sad face. The Guinness was purchased and our pub crawl now had enough numbers to officially begin.

International Drinking Team

International Drinking Team

A Frenchman Enjoying Life

A Frenchman Enjoying Life

Crawling to two more pubs after the Shamrock, and being too drunk to care about going to a club, I’m assuming everyone had a reasonably good time and my career as an Event’s Organiser is now well and truly off the ground. With the sky bearing no limit, we now want to arrange a second more structured and themed one during Carnival week. More information on that in a later blog entry however; as I am now back to the books for the time being to finish my Activity Based Costing assignment questions – joy! Here’s a little snapshot of my carnival outfit though and what next weekend might entail:

The Milka Chocolate Bar Cow

The Milka Chocolate Bar Cow


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