Carnival: Day 3

The final day of carnival was also the tamest with two solid days of drinking getting the better of us. We owed it to ourselves though to at least head out for the closing ceremony so at 10pm we tried to stomach some beer and jaunted down to bar street to find the ESN crew. After some cheerful dancing it was time to head to Vrijhof, taking our place among the gathering crowd of thousands who were waiting with bated breath for what promised to be a dramatic closing ceremony.

Just an Average Night Out

Just an Average Night Out

A large 20ft model witch was hung from a pole, the best visual description without a photo being that of a Russian Doll. People then proceeded to ramble on through a megaphone in Dutch as the crowd got more ecstatic as every second ticked closer to midnight. I have no idea what they were spouting but some of the crowd were so excited and drunk it looked like they might have a seizure. Starting a chant with Bjorn of “Burn the Bitch, Burn” we were under the impression that the grand finale involved setting the doll on fire. People started joining in but our rendition of ‘Disco Inferno’ might have taken it one step too far as we started to get some frowning looks from the locals. We thought it might be safer to shut up!

The clock struck 12am and everyone started cheering….but still no fire. They then proceeded to take down the doll and pack it up safely back in a van as the crowd began to disperse……….worst closing ceremony ever but then it wasn’t exactly the Beijing Olympics.

Despite having 3 of the best days of my life Carnival had defeated me, and my liver is probably still slowly recovering as I write this more than a week later. My costume did manage to survive to tell the tale though so after a quick wash and tumble dry I’m sure it’s presence will be seen on the streets of Glasgow next Halloween.


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