This Feels More An Exchange…

Finally the Volksplein Running Club has been established as Lukas and myself went for a 7km jog on Friday morning, reminding myself just how out of shape I have become. Despite the easy going pace I still couldn’t avoid getting a dreaded stitch which tormented me for the majority of the distance. “I feel that a stitch is the sign of a good abs workout!” proclaimed Doug – personally I disagree.

Friday night was the ESN Birthday party and required the guests, for the first time since arriving here, to actually care about their appearance and dress “smartly”. I knew that my braces and shirt would come in handy at some point whilst here, although a slight tingle of regret crept upon me as I realised maybe bringing my kilt would have been worth the baggage and travel hassle. Under no circumstances did this ruin my night however and we travelled to a new venue (for us at least) to enjoy some fantastic music and complementary glass of champagne.

Back in action after almost 7 years out the game, Andy Murray would have been quivering in his overpriced Adidas trainers as I graced the all-weather courts of the guesthouse gardens for a couple of rallies with Bjorn. Finally, a reduced work load and some time to really enjoy myself in Maastricht away from the books or the pub. Playing straight after an all-you-can-eat sushi lunch however must have hampered my performance however as the court appeared smaller and the net higher than ever before. A lot more practice is needed if I am to beat Jaicy next week and claim the two cases of beer we have wagered.

This has been a relaxing weekend and was topped off by a cinema trip to see The Avengers with Doug, Henry & Jeppi – quite possibly one of the best action movies ever to grace the silver screen. Iron Man, aliens, demi-gods, highly-skilled assassins, the Hulk, explosions, Scarlett Johansson and all in 3D! It really is a film I cannot recommend enough. Despite having seen any of the previous films regarding the central characters I would now consider myself a fan and am definitely going to go back and watch the rest of the films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


One Comment on “This Feels More An Exchange…”

  1. Josh says:

    Sounds awesome br0. I might go check out the Avengers this weekend. Nice to know you’re having fun

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