Battle of the Falls: Niagara Vs Iguassu


In the blue corner, Contestant number 1; all the way from the Canadian-American border – Niagara. The Horseshoe, American, and Bridal Veil Falls form the highest flow rate of any waterfall group in the world as they gush into Lake Erie and Lake Ontario; 50m feet at their highest point. The natural beauty and awe of this, however, is somewhat spoiled by the impending shadows of consumerism looming over from the tourist-trap twin cities that pincer the banks of the river.

Read further about my trip here:


And contestant number 2, in the red corner; all the way from the Brazilian-Argentinian border – Iguassu. This UNESCO World Heritage site houses up to 300 different waterfalls depending on water levels, with the border running along The Devil’s Throat. This is a chasm through which approximately half of the river’s discharge flows down a 70m drop. The National Park, despite a pricey entrance fee of 170 Argentinian Pesos, is also home to numerous trails that cut through the vegetation and offer up-close interaction the wildlife that lives and grows in the area.

Read further about my trip to Iguassu here:

So which of Mother Nature’s creations would you vote as the winner? Please let me know in the comments section below. As for me, it is Iguassu without a shadow of a doubt, with the Angel and Victoria Falls being next on my hit-list.


One Comment on “Battle of the Falls: Niagara Vs Iguassu”

  1. Colin says:

    Victoria Falls wins for me every time, but I am biased. Good to meet you in Edinburgh last Autumn – I hope you are pursuing your crazy goal, whatever that may be.

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