Crobs Abroad Bucket List

Welcome to the Crobs Abroad Bucket List, which contains 150 weird and wonderful things that I personally want to accomplish and complete during my time on this planet we call Earth. I pray that it provides inspiration for you to go out there and follow your own dreams and to live life to its fullest. All of those items in green which are underlined contain links to articles I’ve written about the experience of completing them.

“Most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they’re 75” – Benjamin Franklin

“Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage against the dying of the light” – Dylan Thomas

“I hope someday you finally get the chance to live like you are dying” – Tim McGraw

Completed – 51/150

In Progress – 9/150

Outstanding – 90/150

1)       Experience the Northern Lights

2)       Get My Own T.V. Show

3)       Stand Up on a Surfboard (Bali, Indonesia) [March 2017]


4)       Go Diving With Sharks

5)       Play Roulette in Las Vegas

6)       ‘Kickflip’ on a Skateboard (Glasgow, Scotland) [March 2008]

7)       Participate in a Rap battle

8)       Stage Dive & Crowd Surf

9)      Protest for Something I Believe In

10)    Participate in A Flash Mob

11)    Learn to Computer Program

12)    Have Something Named After Me

13)    Learn to Fly A Plane

14)    Register as an Organ Donor (Glasgow, Scotland) [October 2012]

15)    See a Dead Body [Various] 


16)    Toast at a Wedding

17)    Catch, Kill & Eat a Meal

18)    Go into Space

19)    Perform a Stand-Up Routine

20)    Bowl a Turkey (3-strikes in a Row)

21)    Smash a Pane of Glass

22)    Learn to Meditate (30 Day Challenge) [March 2014]

23)    Get A Tattoo (Queenstown, New Zealand) [January 2017]

24)    Have a Beach Bonfire (Arisaig, Scotland) [June 2016]


25)    Eat in a Michelin Star Restaurant (Field, Prague, Czechia) [November 2016]


26)    Throw Tomatoes at La Tomatina

27)    Solve a Rubik’s Cube (Glasgow, Scotland) [November 2012]

28)    Drink Beer at Oktoberfest

29)    Watch the IMDB Top 100 Movies [July 2013]


30)    Perfect a Magic Trick

31)    Float in the Dead Sea

32)    Take a Week Long Tech Hiatus

33)    Prepare My Last Will & Testament

34)    Party at Mardis Gras

35)    Pamplona Bull Run

36)    Bathe in the Blue Lagoon (Reykjavik, Iceland) [May 2016]

blue lagoon

37)    Milk a Cow

38)    Movie Extra

39)    Ride a Segway

40)    Party on Rio Carnival Street (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) [August 2013]

41)    Fly First Class

42)    Visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp (Oświęcim, Poland) [July 2017]


43)    Sleep in a Hammock (Koh Phangan, Thailand) [September 2014]

44)    Crash a Red Carpet Event

45)    The ‘Top Ten’ Drinking Challenge


46)    Dune Buggy in the Desert (Atacama, Bolivia) [July 2013]

47)    Live with a Tribe (Tamaki Maori Village, New Zealand) [January 2017]


48)    Go Hunting for Dragons (Komodo, Flores, Indonesia) [March 2017]


49)    Get a University Degree (1st Class BA Honours International Business & Accounting) [July 2013]

50)    Skydive (Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia) [July 2010]

51)    Become Fluent in a 2nd Language (Spanish)

52)    Fall in Love [December 2016]


53)    Cycle the Length of the U.K from John O’Groats to Land’s End

54)    Climb a Mountain (Ben Nevis, Scotland) [July 2011]

55)    Snowboard Down a Mountain (Andorra La Vella, Andorra) [January 2011]

56)    Take a Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

57)    Visit the 7 Wonders of the World (Christ Statue & Machu Picchu so far)

58)    Learn to Play the Guitar

59)    Go White-Water Rafting (Mission Beach, Queensland) [July 2010]

60)   Go on an African Safari

61)   Visit The Shire (Hobbiton, New Zealand) [January 2017]


62)   Host a Crazy House Party

63)    Visit Universal Studios Harry Potter World

64)    Help in a Soup Kitchen

65)    Run for Election

66)    Play a Round of Golf on the St. Andrews ‘Old’ Course

67)    Get a Guinness World Record

68)    Go to Mediterranean Yacht Week

69)    Visit Moscow’s Red Square

70)    Make £1million

71)    Get Something Patented

72)    Run A Marathon

73)    Meet The Queen/King

74)    Grow a Real Man’s Beard [September 2014]


75)    Get a 6-pack (Maastricht, The Netherlands) [May 2012]

76)    Helicopter Ride

77)    Donate Blood

78)    Drive Coast to Coast on Route 66

79)    Learn to Sail

80)    Publish a Book [January 2016 & December 2016]

Crobs Abroad 22 March 2016 KINDLE

81)    Pay for a Stranger’s Shopping

82)    Host a Fireworks Show

83)    Participate in a War Re-Enactment

84)    Make a Wish Come True

85)    Become a Cowboy For a Day (Kroombit Cattle Station, Queensland) [July 2010]

86)    Continue my Gene Pool

87)    Get Married in Vegas

88)    Shout “Drinks are on Me” in a Crowded Bar

89)    Spend the Night in a Haunted House

90)    Stay Awake for 48 Hours

91)    Triathlon

92)    Get High in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) [July 2015]


93)    Spend the Night on a Desert Island (Beachcomber, Fiji) [February 2017]


94)    Shoot Guns at a Rifle Range (Vilnius, Lithuania) [December 2015]

crows nest

95)    Plant a Tree

96)    Meet A Name’s Sake (Glasgow, Scotland) [November 2015]


97)    Yes Man (30 Days Saying Yes to Everything)

98)    Go to the Airport and Get on the Next Flight Abroad

99)    Jockey a Horse

100) Celebrity Kiss

101) Own a Company

102) Sumo Wrestle

103) Uncover My Family Tree

104) Learn to Salsa

105) See the Cherry Blossoms in Japan

106) Sell a Piece of Art

107) Tie a Real Bow-tie (Glasgow, Scotland) [May 2016]


108) Learn A Martial Art – Jeet Kun Do (Glasgow, Scotland)[2008]

109) Release a Concept Album

110) Snorkel The Great Barrier Reef (Airlie Beach, Queensland) [July 2010]

111) Read ‘100 Books Every Man Should Read’

112) Read the Complete works of Sherlock Holmes [December 2012]

113) Catch All 150 Pokemon

114) Grow My Own Vegetables

115) Visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

116) Go Down An Olympic Bobsleigh Run (Sigulda, Latvia) [January 2015]

117) Attend the Full Moon Party (Koh Phangan, Thailand) [October 2014]

118) Teach English in a Foreign Country (Hanoi, Vietnam) [June 2017]


119) Bungy Jump (134m Nevis Bungy, Queenstown, New Zealand) [January 2017]


120) Ride a Gondola in Venice

121) Walk Across A Desert (Sahara, Morocco) [April 2015]

122) Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway

123) Go to a Music Festival (Stop Making Sense, Tisno, Croatia) [July 2015]


124) Get a Hole-In-One [Whitecraigs Golf Club 16th Hole, 2006]

125) Live in a Foreign Country [Maastricht, The Netherlands) [Jan-July 2012]

126) Participate in a Late-Night Show (Amsterdam, Netherlands) [July 2015]


127) Skidoo in Lapland

128) Open Water Kayaking (Abel Tasmin, New Zealand) [January 2017]


129) Burns’ Supper & Address a Haggis (Glasgow, Scotland) [January 2015]

130) Destroy a Piece of Office Equipment

131) Hand a Stranger a $100 note

132) The Dice Man (30 Day Challenge)

133) Build a Tree-House

134) Travel Across the Bolivian Salt Flats (Salar de Uyuni) [July 2012]

135) Follow a Band or Artist on Tour

136) Brew My Own Beer

137) Summit to Everest Base Camp

138) Have My Portrait Painted

139) Visit Times’ Square (New York, USA) [May 2016]

times square

140) Ride a Cable Car in San Francisco

141) Go to All 50 US-States

  • Florida
  • New York

142) Stand on the Equator

143) Yell ‘Are You Not Entertained?’ at the Colosseum

144) Sleep in an Igloo

145) Murder a Karaoke Song (Riga, Latvia) [December 2014]

146) Get Drunk on a Vineyard Tour (Waiheke, New Zealand) [February 2017]


147) Create an Ice Sculpture

148) Hula Dance in Hawaii

149) Make Money as a Street Performer

150) Get Hypnotised


2 Comments on “Crobs Abroad Bucket List”

  1. […] my bucket list, there are two items which tend to be commented on far more than any others: ‘#52 Fall in Love’ and ‘#15 See a Dead Body’. I think that this is because, as humans, we feel a much greater […]

  2. […] There are numerous ‘seven wonders of the world’ lists kicking about online, from the ‘seven wonders of nature’; to the ‘seven wonders of the industrial world’; of the ancient world; of the solar system; of the underwater world; to the ‘seven wonders of the modern world’, which we have pretty much agreed upon as being, Machu Picchu; Petra; Chichen Itza; Pyramid of Giza; Great Wall of China; Christ the Redeemer, and the Taj Mahal.  I’ve visited the South American pair so far, but still have another five to go before I can tick off bucket list item #57. […]

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