Meet Crobs

What’s up Champions,

My name is Crobs and this site shares the embarrassing encounters with locals, drunken nights of mayhem, and cultural mishaps that have fallen upon me whilst on the road, as well as the philosophical and lifestyle wisdom I have gained from my travels.


In June 2016 I published my first full-length travel book – Crobs Abroad: A Scot’s Misadventures with a BackpackIt follows my misadventures across five different continents as I got comatose drunk on the Thai islands; kicked out of a Hungarian lap dancing club; kidnapped by the mayor of a Peruvian city; crashed a mountain bike on the world’s most dangerous road, and much more.

In addition to documenting my travels, I also have an extensive Bucket List where I track my crazy ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences and general lifestyle development challenges.

For any inquiries feel free to drop me an e-mail at:

Instagram: @crobsabroad

Facebook: CrobsAbroadOfficial


Let me know what you think

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